Happy Christmas!

WOW – What a super Autumn term full of wonderful learning!

All of Year 2  have really enjoyed our learning about Space.  Every child has impressed us with their super writing and brilliant mathematical skills with place value, addition and subtraction.

Next term our topic is called “Big Firsts”.

What can you see in the distance? Get ready to research into the Past. What was Crewe famous for ? There is so much to find out about.  I can see steam everywhere. Where is it coming from? What was the past like? Was it really different to today?  What special firsts have I experienced? I can’t wait to explore ‘Big Firsts’.

Your task is …

       Can you create something  that you would find in a house in the past? There are lots of different rooms in your house. What will you make?  What will it look like?  What is it used for?  What could you use to make it? How would you decorate it?   Good Luck!

Have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Mrs Heath and Mrs Hough


PE Superstars

In PE we have been learning lots of different skills. We can now dodge successfully to avoid being caught by our friends.

Team Year 2 were fantastic at dodging and used specific skills to navigate around the pitch.  We are superstar players in PE. We win certificates for being team players, never giving up, supporting others and being a good role model to our peers.

What will happen next?

Related image We completed a ‘Cold Writing Task’.Related image

We thought about what might happen next.

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful and kind girl called Cinderella who lived with her cruel step mother and hideous sisters. Cinderella’s  mean family always made poor Cinderella wear rags and do all the work around the house while they did nothing.

One fine day an envelope was delivered to the family’s house.  It was an     invitation to ……